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Language in Action

British Council Accredited Junior & Summer Camp Provider

Language in Action helps you to use your newly learnt English language skills in real-life English situations

Language in Action Residential Staff have expertise in delivering short courses to groups at summer camps.

Oral communication-based learning model that is designed to quickly improve communication skills in a short amount of time.

Enjoy the city in which you are studying by taking full advantage of our London Zone 1 Campuses. Our programmes include daily excursions.

We offer flexibility. Our schedules are tailor-made by staff with a background in education, art history and tourism.

Excellence in student welfare. We offer double the staff to student ratio required by the British Council.


Paddington Green Campus

The stunning City of Westminster College, Paddington Green Campus is perfectly located for students who want to EXPERIENCE LONDON LIFE. Located in one of London’s most charming boroughs, you will get to enjoy some of the areas photograph-worthy attractions including a magnificent 19th century Tube Station, a majestic lagoon, its many bridges and the areas amazing contemporary architecture.

Garden Halls Center

Garden Halls is a PREMIUM COLLEGE with all services conveniently located within the same building. Situated in Bloomsbury, one of London’s most prestigious and sophisticated areas, this facility is designed to impress.

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Parry Hall Center

Parry Hall is a popular student accommodation for students studying at the University of London. Alongside its sister centre, Garden Halls, this centre accommodates Young Learners (from 8 years of age+).



We offer a unique experience with over 60 excursions to choose from.

  • Explore London, one of the world's top cities.

  • Improve your language skills through communicating with native English speakers throughout your excursions and in your classes.

  • Make new friends and interact with other international students.

  • All excursions are carefully chosen to link with the course syllabus.

  • Activities are fun and engaging.

  • Summer programmes are available for students 8 years of age or over.

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