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Maximum Classroom Size

17 students - we aim for an average of 15 students per class

Artboard 1_LiA.jpg

"I am so happy with learning English here. We learn about grammar, idioms, and phrasal verbs so it’s a beautiful and different experience.”

Artboard 3_LiA.jpg

"Everyday after class we go out to see the city. It’s not like my country; this is a whole different world.

Artboard 6_LiA.jpg

“You will have a lot of experiences here and the people will always support you. Just be yourself and have fun!”

Artboard 5_LiA.jpg

“I have made some new friends and found out interesting things about their countries; multicultural classes are great for learning English.”

Artboard 4_LiA.jpg

"London is great! It’s a privilege to get to know the British people, it’s so soulful."

Artboard 7_LiA.jpg

"The teacher are nice and I like the vibe in the classroom. We can interact with students from different countries which is very cool.”

Artboard 8 copy_LiA.jpg

“The accommodation is nice and comfortable. The rooms are big with private bathrooms."

Artboard 8_LiA.jpg

"I am very happy with my classes and the teachers are amazing, I feel like I’m really improving my English."

Artboard 2_LiA.jpg

“This is a very wonderful experience for foreigners like me as we don't have many opportunities to learn English. I will cherish this experience forever.”

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