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Zone 1 London
Turn one: 28th June to 12nd July
Turn two: 12nd July to 26th July
Turn three: 26th July to 9th August
Turn four: 9th August to 23rd August

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Garden Halls is our premium college with all the services included within the same building, with cutting-edge outstanding facilities, located in the heart of Bloomsbury, one of the most valuable London areas, between Russel Square and King’s Cross station.

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The Neighbourhood 

Even if deeply immerse in the intense metropolitan life of the city centre, Garden Halls is isolated in a gorgeous and tranquil green area, on Cartwright Gardens square. Its position allows to reach the British Museum in few minutes walking and almost all the London tube lines and trains are accessible from king’s cross.

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The Accommodation

The Garden Halls has the highest quality single en-suite accommodation designed to meet all the needs of the students: fully fitted with private bathrooms and large showers, a double bed, workstation, desk chair, notice board, wardrobe, drawers and a magnetic vinyl board. This complex provides shared kitchens and a wealth of communal spaces for students to socialise, study and relax at their leisure including music practice, games & cinema rooms and landscape gardens.

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The Food

All the meals are served on site at the canteen, including both full English and international breakfast. The menu covers the wider range possible and takes regularly account of all the special dietary needs of the students.

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The School

The classrooms are located within the same complex as well and lessons are made by TEFL-trained Malvern House International teachers and the courses are designed to be short-terms effective. Course focus can be adjusted to students’requirements but our carefully developed teaching programme is specifically aimed at improving oral communication. Trinity GESE exams can be offered on-site. Cambridge and IELTS preparations can be included in the package.

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The Activities

Our activity programme is focused on London. Students will have the chance to explore everything this wonderful city has to offer and will also have time to get to know the local area.