Meet the Management Team

Language in Action has a dedicated team of management staff with many years of experience in the educational travel industry.

Maximum Classroom Size

17 students - we aim for an average of 15 students per class

Age Limits

Min Age:12    Max age:17

Maximum Classroom Size

17 students - we aim for an average of 15 students per class

General Manager

Emiliano Sallustri is a native of Italy and has grown up with a strong connection to the summer language school business. He has a wide range of organisational experience in the travel language industry and most recently has been directly responsible for the operations staff and smooth running of our existing and new summer schools.
As a Level 3 qualified Safeguarding Lead, he is also in charge of welfare and safeguarding.

Email: emiliano@languageinactionltd.co.uk

Employee Manager

Feliciana Ciancia is responsible for the recruitment and training of our summer staff and has several year’s experience working with international educational travel. Her strong interpersonal skills make her ideal for forming effective working relationships across the organisation.

Email: feliciana@languageinactionltd.co.uk

Welfare Manager

Cinzia Boi holds a Masters in Tourism and Intercultural Communication and she has been involved in the travel study industry for several years. She is responsible for the management and support of all welfare officers and ultimately responsible for the students’ health and well being.

Email: cinzia@languageinactionltd.co.uk

Academic Manager

Sacha is a Cambridge DELTA-qualified manager and teacher. She has over 7 years teaching experience and over 3 years management experience in Vietnam and the UK.  Sacha provides professional development and support for both new and established EFL teachers.

Email: acmanager@languageinactionltd.co.uk

IT Manager

Garry is responsible for IT at Language in Action and has 14 years' experience in the IT industry. He has spent the last 5 years working with International Language Schools. Garry ensures the internal systems and website as well as the day to day operation of the summer schools run smoothly.

Email: itadmin@languageinactionltd.co.uk

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