Maximum Classroom Size

17 students - we aim for an average of 15 students per class

At Language in Action, the focus is on student interaction and authentic communication incorporating British culture combined with a stimulating and varied activity programme.

All our teachers are TEFL-trained and receive specialised professional development designed towards teaching young learners on short-term summer courses.

Our carefully developed teaching programmes are specifically aimed at improving spoken communication. While we are proud of the excellent quality of our standard courses, we are also happy to adjust them to ensure your students get the experience that best suits their needs.

Our language course follows a T.T.T. (test, teach, test) format; converting the students’ passive knowledge into active knowledge that they can use in everyday, real-life situations.

The initial placement test comprises of a speaking assessment and a multiple-choice test. The multiple-choice test is designed to give a picture of each student’s existing grammatical and lexical ability and becomes progressively more difficult with each of the four stages fitting within a suite of the Trinity College GESE tests. The speaking assessment is referenced throughout the course as an indication of the students’ production skills, a grading aid for Trinity or Cambridge entry, and a way of highlighting particular problem areas for individual students. Informed by the results of these, the students are assigned to a class based on the Trinity College GESE grades and the coursebook Talking Trinity from Grades 1-3 (CEFR A1/A2), Grades 4-6 (CEFR A2+/B1), Grades 7-9 (CEFR B2) and Grades 10-12 (CEFR C1/C2).

Language in Action’s course materials are carefully selected and specifically aimed at young learners aged between 12 and 17 on short-term EFL courses, focusing on developing and improving speaking and listening skills. The lessons include topic-based coursebook units, discussions and exercises, pronunciation, British culture, vocabulary building, learner training, grammar, language games and interactive, student-centred activities.

Each unit in the coursebook is themed to a topic which corresponds to a Conversation subject in the Trinity College GESE exams. Each lesson, in addition, covers a vocabulary and/or grammar point with accompanying exercises that activate the “new” language for each Trinity grade.

We want the students to make the most of this fantastic opportunity and to focus on communication, pronunciation and function. Any group of students will have mixed abilities and come from different learning backgrounds, therefore, a prescriptive grammatical syllabus is not appropriate, so we concentrate on oral communicative competence backed with guidance towards grammatical and lexical accuracy.

At Language in Action, we are passionate about helping our students to put their language skills to good use, by giving them unique learning experiences at our centres in the UK.

Age Limits

Min Age:12    Max age:17

Maximum Classroom Size

17 students - we aim for an average of 15 students per class