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Why choose Language in Action?


Maximum Classroom Size

17 students - we aim for an average of 15 students per class

We offer a social programme focused on London, giving our students the chance to explore everything this wonderful city has to offer and live their experience to the fullest. They won’t just study English language in the classroom, but continue to practice whilst out and about in the city.


Teachers will provide students with the necessary language tools in their classes, so that they will be able to interact not only with other international students, but also with native English speakers and locals when exploring the local environment during activities and excursions.

Students won’t simply go shopping, but rather be encouraged to use key English structures learnt in class to negotiate a better price and to communicate what they need in English to the sales assistant, so that they can build confidence.


Our courses follow a specific syllabus and include course materials so that the students benefit from structured learning and we can maintain a high quality of teaching. All activities and excursions are linked to the class syllabus but at the same time are light and engaging, as they are carefully studied and planned by experts of tourism and art history, to give students a deep understanding of the city.


Our teachers and activity leaders are an essential part of our courses and are the glue that hold the entire experience together. All the residential staff is trained and specialized in groups and summer camps.


Students will receive support throughout the course and will be accompanied on excursions and social activities so that we can be on hand to enable them to get the most out of their experience.

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